Today the vast majority of consumers use digital channels (web, apps, voice assistants etc.) to search for products, services and information on the reliability of brands and companies.

The marketing strategies to be adopted are a determining factor for any business, for this reason Sphera Service has invested ample resources in this sector thanks also to the request of our customers.

With the experience of managing projects nationally and internationally, we are able to provide the best support for both small and medium-sized enterprises and for consolidated relationships with high-level objectives.

For each digital marketing strategy we start from data analysis or from providing tools that can define the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and collect the information necessary to identify channels to be adopted, the target to turn to, budgets dedicated to etc. Sphera Service uses the best competitive analysis and monitoring software for websites and web pages. Our staff includes professionals with specialized skills in web design, seo, copywriting, social media strategist etc.

Analysis and planning of online marketing strategies
Analysis and Planning of SEO Strategy – Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing: Creation of multimedia content and management of social channels
Planning of Sponsored Campaigns Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing