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Sometimes even the biggest LCD monitor is not enough. There are situations in which what is needed is an entire videowall. And this is the moment to turn to Sphera Service for one of his videowalls.

Sphera Service through partnerships with leading companies in the sector is able to provide a range of monitors, videowalls, totems and holographic walls able to overcome the limits of other systems.

Our products thanks to the high technology can be arranged in order to create a unique and impressive videowall. The monitors can be installed in a horizontal and vertical configuration or at a table to make the most of the available space, and the virtually invisible edges allow you to create impressive video walls in almost any size and format.

The high brightness and definition ensures all products optimal performance even in the most bright environments and, thanks to the high-contrast technology, the images are clearly visible even from surprisingly long distances. Brilliant white, vivid colors, deep blacks and uniform brightness help to create a videowall to say the least incredible to be true.