The objective of this Ethical Code is to define the responsibilities towards which the Company, in the persons of its directors, managers, employees and collaborators, is called upon to direct its conduct in carrying out its activities; therefore this document outlines the “deontological” model to which behaviors must be inspired and inspired.

It is therefore mandatory to know the rules and follow the principles and standards of behavior reported, inspiring in this sense the daily attitudes, respecting the specific religious, cultural and social.

Recipients of the Ethical Code are all the directors, employees and collaborators of the Company, without any exception, and all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relationships or relationships with the Company and work to achieve its objectives, as contractors, suppliers, service providers.

The rules contained in this Ethical Code integrate the behavior that employees and collaborators are required to observe also in accordance with the rules of ordinary diligence to which the employees are required, governed by the regulations and contracts applicable in the field of employment.

In no case may the pursuit of the Company’s interests justify conduct contrary to the laws in force and the rules of the Code.

In any professional relationship, counterparties must be informed of the existence of this document and are required by contract to respect it and to be adequately informed about the commitments and obligations imposed.

In case of non-fulfillment by third parties, the company, in the persons of its directors, managers, employees and collaborators, will take the appropriate measures.

This Ethical Code is valid in all geographical and operational areas in which the company operates.