Communication between individuals has never been more important than in recent years. In addition to telephony in its various modes, the rapid expansion of new forms of relationships such as video communication, messaging, forums, social networks and more have revolutionized the way we relate to others. In fact we continue to operate in any context bringing more professionalism to our “means of transmission”.

The problem is that often these ways of communicating are relatively permanent. For example, a telephone conversation exists only in the instant in which it occurs and immediately vanishes forever.

This is rarely a problem in social communications. But for countless public services, professional and financial activities, verifying “who said what to whom and when can be fundamental … even vital.

Sphera Service solves this type of problem with specific Audio Recording Systems that allow institutions and organizations to protect themselves by recording the activity in progress in a comprehensive manner.

The platforms we offer are scalable and can be configured to record from 4 to over 1000 channels, store online on large-capacity hard disks in RAID versions and then archive to DVD, RDX and other media or to components such as NAS and SAN. The hardware infrastructure can be partially or totally redundant with central and peripheral units (multi-site or satellites) for information centralization or disaster recovery.

Recordable signals can be VoIP, digital, analog, TETRA, with associated data that can be received from the same audio connection or via LAN with CTI integrations. It is possible to set total, selective, command-based, centralized recordings with IVR that allow you to also conduct screen recording activities (video screen) all with web based management access.

Available software for the complete reproduction of the scenario and events available with a large number of search “keys” such as: date, time, channel / input, called / calling number, radio, log-in, up to the intervention code type customizations of aid or transaction number, contract and others.